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As I lay on my bed, feeling a bit bored and restless, I decided to give myself a little massage. My fingers traced down my body, feeling the softness of my skin. I started at my shoulders, squeezing and kneading the muscles, imagining it was a pair of strong hands instead of my own. Moving down to my neck, I gently rubbed the tension away, remembering how good it felt when someone else did it for me. I let out a small moan, feeling the pleasure and relaxation spread through my body. My hands continued down my chest, across my breasts, and down to my stomach, where I started to play with the hem of my shirt. With each circular motion, my shirt lifted up a little, exposing more of my skin.

I couldn't resist the temptation and teasingly pulled it up, exposing my lacy bra. I let my fingers dance around the edge of the fabric, feeling the soft lace against my fingertips. My fingers then wandered down to my shorts, tracing along the waistband as I lifted my hips off the bed to slide them down my legs. I was now left in just my bra and panties, and I couldn't help but admire my body in the mirror. I continued to massage my skin, paying special attention to my thighs and inner thighs, where I knew it would feel the most sensitive. I let out a soft gasp as my fingers brushed against my most intimate area, feeling the heat and wetness between my legs. I couldn't resist the urge any longer and slipped my hand into my panties, feeling how wet and ready I was.

Slowly, I began to massage myself, circling my clit and sliding my fingers in and out of my slick entrance. As I continued to massage myself, my moans grew louder and I could feel my body tensing up with pleasure. My free hand reached up to squeeze and play with my breast, adding to the sensation. With each touch and stroke, my body became more and more enflamed with desire until finally, I couldn't hold back any longer and my body convulsed in a powerful orgasm. As I caught my breath, I couldn't help but smile and think about how naughty and satisfying my self-massage had been.

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