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Men may enjoy seeing a pregnant woman on webcam for many reasons. Some of these reasons may include:

- Curiosity and Fascination: Many men find the process of pregnancy and childbirth fascinating. Seeing a pregnant woman on webcam allows them to observe and learn about the changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy.

- Sensuality and Eroticism: Some men may find pregnant women to be sensual. The changes in their body can be seen as attractive.
- Some men may find pregnancy attractive.

- Some men find it exciting to see a pregnant woman on webcam because it's taboo or unconventional. It's different from being attracted to non-pregnant women. Some men feel empathy towards pregnant women. Seeing a pregnant woman on webcam can make them feel more connected to the experience and the woman herself.

- Desire for Parenthood: Men who want to become fathers or already have children may enjoy seeing a pregnant woman on webcam. It can also remind them of their own partner's pregnancy. Some find it sensual and erotic, while others are curious or empathetic. It depends on the individual and their personal preferences.